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The Benefits of Drawing Close to God!

God in His love has also demonstrated his love towards us through sending His Son Jesus to be among us

This example of Gods love in Action is a model for us to follow, it expresses a God who sees the plight of his creation and stops at no cost to provide a way to restore our relationship with our Creator.

God comes among us
• From an ancestral line
• From an earthly town
• From a human mother
• Into a family
• In to the ordinariness of our lives, illustration..

Are we ready for such a God

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Who are we?

As a community church we are made up of mainly local people who simply gather to worship God, learn from the Life of Jesus Christ, to serve God through our daily lives and to share God’s love with those we meet.

A Place to Belong

Northumberland Heath Baptist welcomes people from all walks of life socially, culturally, ethnically , class and backgrounds with differing levels of understanding of the Christian Faith. We hope that people will feel at home to journey, discover, learn and encounter the Love, teaching and life of God with opportunities to respond; Real People with Real Lives experiencing Real Hope regardless of background and lifestyle - Jesus said I have come that you might have life Life in all its fullness John 10:10

The Future

Northumberland Heath Baptist has cared and served in this community for over 100years. As a Church concerned for our community we are in the process of reviving our work and witness; Sharing the love of God and Christian teaching through open, honest and caring relationships.

The Vision

To Know God and make Him Known by being involved with the following

Worshiping – Loving God

Sharing – Loving People

Belonging – through faith obedience and fellowship

Serving - each person being equipped to live and serve whatever their situation.

Growing - through spiritual disciplines applying to everyday life

Notice Board


We believe our Christian faith is lived out not just on a Sunday but every day of the week. Small groups consist of a small number of people who meet during the week for support and encouragement, to apply the teaching of the Bible to their everyday lives and to worship, share and pray with each other. These groups are held on various days and times, either on church premises or in people’s homes. The groups help people to make friends, develop relationships and grow in faith.

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