Contemporary Issues

Ukraine at a crossroads

As the fighting between protesters and police rages in Ukraine, the country stands at a crossroads in its history. Amid burning tyres on frozen streets, a struggle is being played out for a future as either an ally of the Russian empire or a more open and free democracy.

More real than gravity itself

So a film curiously named after a scientific term triumphed at the Bafta awards. But there seems general agreement that Gravity is an extraordinary production. So now we have the definitive form of ‘real’ – compassion in action. It trumps all dark things that are also real. But it demands the conscious choice of the will. Over and over again.

Cyclists, racists and shared space

Following events this week surrounding the Giro d'Italia cycle race, David Smyth discusses the defining issue of how we manage our shared spaces.

Wales: Hostile to human trafficking

Wales is continuing in its efforts to make the nation a place that is hostile to human trafficking, as stressed last month in the first annual report of its anti-human trafficking czar, Stephen Chapman.

Alliance Scotland speaks out against Named Person plans

The Scottish Parliament has passed a bill which will mean every child in Scotland has a legal guardian appointed for them. The Evangelical Alliance spoke out at the weekend against the plans and has warned it may well lead to a legal challenge.

Informal shared use of religious buildings

The government has recently published their response to the consultation on draft regulations regarding the process for using shared religious buildings for marriage of same sex couples under the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

UN Commission confirms gross human rights violations in North Korea

A UN Commission has this week concluded that “the gravity, scale and nature” of the violations of human rights in North Korea “reveal a state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world”.

God's digital world

God has given us all a unique set of qualities and skills and he wants them to be used......

Debt crisis calls soar

The number of people calling for help with crisis personal debt so far in 2014 has broken all records, says Alliance member and debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

Putting hope into action

Churches and community groups provide shelter and hot food for the homeless across the UK but one project is going the extra mile by providing houses for the vulnerable, in partnership with local churches.

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