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We believe our Christian faith is lived out not just on a Sunday but every day of the week. Small groups consist of a small number of people who meet during the week for support and encouragement, to apply the teaching of the Bible to their everyday lives and to worship, share and pray with each other. These groups are held on various days and times, either on church premises or in people’s homes. The groups help people to make friends, develop relationships and grow in faith.

There are groups available for all ages from youth upward and are open to seekers, new Christians and those who have been Christians for many years. Usually a theme is followed such as a book of the Bible, Bible characters or aspects of the Christian life. No qualifications are needed as we all have much to learn and everyone is welcome.

The sessions last approximately one and a half hours.

To find out more contact Mary White – cell group co-ordinator on 01322 336076 or the church office 01322 337032

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